SUPROMED launches new platform for water, energy, and fertilizers management in Mediterranean agro-ecosystems

August 30, 2021
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Providing a holistic crop-livestock water management system resilient to climate change, EU-funded SUPROMED integrated a validated set of models and tools on a new online platform to increase the production and income of farms through a reduction and a more efficient use of water, and other inputs such as energy and fertilizers, while decreasing the impact on the environment.

SUPROMED’s ICT platform acts as a toolbox offering end-users the possibility to apply a set of interlinked models as well as to access useful information related to their farm based on their needs in pilot areas across Spain, Lebanon, and Tunisia.

The platform can be used by all technicians and farmers who want to optimise their water, energy and fertilizers use and increase their profitability. It can be also used by policy-makers at local level for the estimation of the water use in the agricultural sector to reduce the pressure on the resource and to assess the effect of water restrictions, water price, energy costs and subventions on the final profitability of the farms.

SUPROMED ‘Sustainable Production in water limited environments of Mediterranean agro-ecosystem’ is a EU-funded Research & Innovation aiming to enhance the economic and environmental sustainability of Mediterranean farming systems through a more efficient management of water, energy and fertilizers.

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Countries covered:

  • Lebanon
  • Tunisia