Sustainable tourism to boost local economies: launch of EU-funded CROSSDEV project

October 23, 2019
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What if abandoned ruins become the key factor to develop the economy of entire regions? That is what the CROSSDEV project (‘Cultural Routes for Sustainable Social and economic Development in Mediterranean’) intends to realize in 4 Mediterranean countries: Italy, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine. Its official kick-off meeting was held yesterday in Rome, Italy.

Combining the increasing interest towards sustainable tourism with the incommensurable value of environmental, cultural and historical heritage, CROSSDEV intends to bring new hope to local communities and first-rate travel opportunities to conscious tourists. How? Turning less-known places and rural areas into new routes of sustainable tourism, working tightly with the locals to revamp their traditions and cultural heritage and turning them into assets for socio-economic local development.

Involving public authorities, tourism-related actors, educational institutions and the general public, CROSSDEV will contribute to create new economic prosperity and new job opportunities for the locals, while benefitting tourists from all over the world with the creation of new wonders to visit. 

CROSSDEV project’s duration is September 2019-August 2022. Its total budget amounts to €2.5 million (EU contribution: €2.2 million).


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Countries covered:

  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Palestine *