Switchers: 13 new environmental and social projects in Palestine starting the incubation phase

April 11, 2022
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The incubation phase is starting in Palestine for 13 projects selected by the jury on the occasion of a pitching event that was held in the Birzeit University premises in Ramallah.

During this pitching event, the green entrepreneurs of the pre-selected 48 best business ideas presented the Green Business Models that they had been developing over the previous months, within the framework of the Switchers Support Programme and in accordance with the unique methodology established by the Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC).

The 15 entrepreneurs (9 of them being women) behind these projects, will be supported to create their green businesses through an 8-month incubation including personal mentoring and tailored external technical assistance. Their mentors are mainly from the Business Support Organizations (BSOs) that are part of the Switchers Support National Partnership of Palestine: the Birzeit University, the An-Najah University of Nablus, the Palestinian Technical University Khadoury of Tulkarem, Palestinian Agriculture Relief Committee (PARC), Palestinian Agreeincubator, IDEAS Center of Jeneen, and the Palestinian Polytechnic University of Hebron.

Once their incubation is finalized, the green entrepreneurs will be invited to participate at the National Investors Switchers event and pitch their Green Business Plans in front of a Jury, including selected Sustainable Business Investors, in order to reach financial deals and mobilize funds for their green businesses. This event is foreseen for the last quarter of 2022.

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