SwitchMed National Impact Investing Task Force in Jordan is taking place this month

February 16, 2022
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The SwitchMed programme promotes the creation of a National Impact Investing Task Force in Jordan with the aim of stimulating the local discussion between potential investors, private and public finance institutions, donors and other relevant stakeholders about the needs and opportunities to advocate for and promote the adoption of sustainable finance solutions on benefit of a more resilient business ecosystem.

At this purpose, the National Impact Task Force will collectively help define a vision on how financial institutions could enable the transition and contribute to the sustainable development of the local and regional economy. The national Task force will also seek to identify focus areas for concrete next steps and leveraging experiences from other countries.

This National Task Force presents a valuable opportunity to strengthen the financial system’s response to managing risks and opportunities, empower the sustainable growth of the country.

First “National Impact Investment Task Force” meeting took place virtually on 15 February.The second meeting will take virtually next February 20, 2022 (tbc) and the final meeting will take virtually February 22, 2022 (tbc).

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