Syria and the region: International community mobilises €5.6 billion during the 7th Brussels Conference

June 20, 2023
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During the 7th Brussels Conference on ‘Supporting the future of Syria and the Region, the international community pledged €5.6 billion for 2023 and beyond, including €4.6 billion for 2023 and €1 billion for 2024 and beyond. The funding pledged today will support people inside Syria and the neighbouring countries hosting Syrian refugees. €3.8 billion of grants were pledged by the EU, with €2.1 billion from the European Commission and €1.7 billion pledged by the EU Member States.


Since the beginning of the crisis in 2011, the EU and its Member States have mobilised over €30 billion to support Syrians in Syria and in the region. In addition, international financial institutions and donors have announced €4 billion in loans, bringing a total of grants and loans to €9.6 billion.


The European Union also published a report on delivery against the pledges made at the 6th Brussels Conference on ‘Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region’ held on 10 May 2022, as well as a report on the online survey on consultations with civil society carried out in the run-up to the Conference.

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