TheMedNew, a new business platform to boost the Mediterranean textile industry

November 4, 2021
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Under the EU-funded TEX-MED ALLIANCES project, TheMedNew, a new textile business platform in the Mediterranean basin, a space for creating alliances and stimulating cooperation will be launched.

TheMedNew is a new business opportunity aimed at companies in the textile sector with values of sustainability and intercultural creativity in their process of international opening. Its main scope of action covers all the countries of the Mediterranean basin, with an impact on more than 200 million consumers.

One of the distinctive features of the platform is its Manifesto, a declaration of the values it is committed to adopt and materialise in its operation. Values such as sustainability, inclusive creativity, a lifestyle that respects and promotes human diversity and minorities, and a commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and targets promoted by the UN for the Mediterranean, as well as respect for the natural environment.

TEX-MED Alliances aims at reducing the innovation gap among Mediterranean countries, focusing on three key areas that are crucial for the textile and clothing businesses: Internationalization, Innovation and Circular Economy. The project involves eight partners representing some of the most important textile and clothing clusters of the Mediterranean area in Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan and Palestine.

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Countries covered:

  • Egypt
  • Jordan
  • Palestine *
  • Tunisia