Tunisia: EU ministers support reinforcement of EU assistance

October 18, 2016
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EU foreign affairs ministers, meeting in Luxembourg on Monday 17 October, discussed Tunisia and adopted conclusions on the joint communication by the High Representative and the European Commission “Strengthening EU support for Tunisia”. 
Ministers discussed how to enhance the EU’s support to Tunisia’s efforts to address its critical challenges and to promote long-term stability, resilience, good governance, socio-economic development and security. The Council recognised the important progress achieved so far but also the challenges the country is facing. 
The Council reiterated its strong commitment to the Tunisian people and government to support the transition started in 2011 for freedom, democracy, dignity and social justice. The Council supported in particular a reinforcement of the financial assistance of the EU at a level of up to EUR 300 million for 2017, and that a high level of financing is maintained until 2020, on the basis of the progress of the reforms announced in the Tunisian government’s strategic development plan. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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