Tunisia: Independent bodies and their relations with citizens at the centre of a conference

May 27, 2021
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On 25 and 26 May 2021, the European Union and the Council of Europe organised an online conference on «Independent bodies serving citizens: strengthening human rights in Tunisia», as part of their joint project “Support to Independent Bodies in Tunisia (PAII-T)”. This conference brought together representatives of both organizations, presidents and representatives of the Tunisian independent bodies.

During these exchanges, speakers discussed the role played by independent bodies in Tunisia in recent years, their contribution to strengthening human rights and governance, the difficulties they face, and the results and impact of the bodies’ work on the lives of citizens.

The conference took the form of two main sessions: the first session on 25 May discussed the role of independent bodies in the consecration of the principles of good democratic governance and human rights; and the second session on 26 May looked into independent bodies and their relations with the citizen.

It ended with a series of recommendations and positive notes that will help the European Union and the Council of Europe in their support to the independent bodies.


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Countries covered:

  • Tunisia
Human Rights