Euromesco Policy Brief n°106 – How to Improve Water Resources Management in the Middle East? The Call for a Locally-Based Water Security

July 17, 2020
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Due to multiple factors such as climate change, desertification, rapid population growth and industrialisation, water has become increasingly scarce in the Middle East. The categorisation of water security as an existential “threat” gives the state a licence to use exceptional measures to address water scarcity, including securitising the field and diminishing measures of transparency and accountability.

As water is a central security issue in a desertified region, a critical view of securitisation is necessary.

In this policy brief, the authors highlight the process of water securitisation and the need for de-securitisation to achieve sustainable and just water security for all. As part of this document, the political methods that can promote ‒ or threaten ‒ water security are listed, as well as the specific steps that can enable de-securitisation through locally-based water security.

Euromesco Policy Brief 106