ICMPD Migration Outlook 2020

February 13, 2020
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ICMPD’s Migration Outlook presents a brief analysis of migration and policy trends and provides an outlook on developments and events to watch out for in 2020. Thus, the outlook does not claim to foretell the future or to cover all relevant trends. It wants to use past experience and highlight what might happen and is important to consider.

The long–‐term priorities for European migration policy, also laid down in ICMPD’s own recommendations on “Breaking Gridlocks”, do not change in 2020: Renew a common vision on international protection, secure borders and safeguard Schengen, make return policies more effective, create proactive labour market policies, focus on immigrant integration, integrate the Western Balkan countries into Europe’s migration system, invest in migration partnerships with partner countries, and apply a whole–‐of–‐migration–‐routes approach. The EU Member States should not miss the year to work on joint and function solutions for the reform of the European migration system. In a volatile migration environment, a failure in addressing weaknesses can backfire at any time.

ICMPD Migration Outlook