Opinion Poll 2021 – Tunisia (factsheet)

March 25, 2022
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On knowledge and understanding of the EU, the best answer given by Tunisian respondents was whether the euro is the common currency of the EU, to which 81% said yes, and the second best was whether the EU has an embassy with an appointed ambassador, with 59% answering yes. This is one of the best rates of responses in the entire Southern Neighbourhood region on this question.

40% of respondents have a positive image of the EU, and 68% believe that the EU has a good relationship with Tunisia.

Respondents in Tunisia associated the EU the most to democracy with 64% of respondents saying that it is the value that represents the EU the most, followed by 63% who mentioned Human Rights, 61% Equality and Gender Equality, 61% Solidarity, and 59% Economic Prosperity.

Health cooperation scored the highest in awareness about EU support with 40% of respondents. Human Rights came second in Tunisia, with 29% of respondents indicating that they have heard about EU cooperation programmes in this sector. It was followed by Economic Reform and support to SMEs, Education and Skills, and Culture with 29%. 22% and 22%. Respondents in Tunisia believe respondents should be more involved in  healthcare  (41%), followed by Tourism (35%) and Humanitarian Aid (34%).

This survey – part of a wave of opinion polls carried out in eight southern Neighbourhood partner countries – was conducted in Tunisia between July and September 2021, with 1,002 people consulted in face-to-face interviews. Respondents were asked about their general perceptions of the EU and the values with which it is associated, about EU relations with their country, and the impact of EU financial support, including in supporting their country’s response to the COVID-19 crisis. The surveys also look at preferred sources of information, how people feel about their personal situation and the situation in their country, and their expectations for the future.

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Opinion Poll 2021 - Tunisia (factsheet)