Opinion Poll 2022 – Morocco (factsheet)

May 12, 2023
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Fact Sheet Morocco

There is a relatively low but increasing level of self-stated and factual knowledge of the EU.

The EU benefits from a strong and stable positive image, praised for its importance as a trade partner for the country.

There has been an increase in the proportion of respondents who believe they know what the EU is all about which has increased to 34% from 31% in the survey conducted in 2021.

Almost six in ten (58%) of Moroccan respondents say that they do not know about the EU, down three percentage points from 2021.

The relatively low level of subjective knowledge is confirmed by the factual questions where 17% answered all the questions incorrectly, with an average of 2.3 correct answers out of a possible six.

The proportion of Moroccan respondents who have a positive image of the EU has remained constant – 61% compared to 62% in 2021, while the proportion expressing a negative sentiment has stayed the same at 11%.

A third (35%) of those who felt the EU had a positive image said it was because the EU is an important trade partner for Morocco. The EU’s high social standards was the second most frequently mentioned reason for a positive view of the image, mentioned by 25%. Democratic values were mentioned by 19%.

For 14% of those with a negative image, it is because the EU does not do enough to help Moroccan people. Around the same proportion (12%) cite the absence of religious values in EU society.

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