Regional economic prospects in the EBRD Regions – COVID-19: from shock to recovery

April 10, 2020
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The coronavirus crisis has diverted attention away from climate change mitigation, but the latest report by EBRD economists says efforts to counteract the Covid-19 pandemic create an opportunity to “tilt to green” the large-scale recovery spending being pledged, making it a key accelerator towards a low-carbon economy.

But developing these green benefits will require governments to take careful policy action, says the EBRD report, adding that governments seeking to protect their citizens medically and economically in the short term should also look to the long term and protect the environment.

In return for public money, the report recommends, firms should commit to reduce their environmental footprint. More broadly, governments should put climate action and resilience at the core of economic stimulus packages and prioritise support towards green firms.  This will ensure that public spending helps address both the current economic crisis and the ongoing climate crisis.

Regional economic prospects in the EBRD regions