There’s nothing Rayan is more passionate about than sports and youth empowerment. As a child, Rayan, now a content creator, dreamt of becoming a famous athlete or a world-renowned sports journalist. He followed this passion for sports and he iis a determined young man with, as he puts it “growth mindset” which helps him keep pushing forward to achieve his goals. 


Despite his passion for sports, Rayan studied and has a degree in economics while being an amateur athlete. However, he continued to be drawn to sports journalism, his initial passion. So, now, he has returned to school to pursue a certificate in sports media. Rayan’s love for sports inspired him to start creating content, focusing on football, his favorite sport. Rayan started sharing his thoughts, analysis, and insights after each football game, wanting to share his passion with the world. That is how he became a content creator. 


Gradually, he expanded his content, and it’s no longer just about sports. Rayan also highlights opportunities for youth and their successes, contributing to the recovery and sustainable development of their countries. Rayan’s main focus is on youth empowerment, but he is looking to shift his content to blue and green economies, climate change, and sustainable development. Rayan is also interested in “sports for development” and how sports can be a tool to promote peace and intercultural dialogue.


Rayan’s passion for sports doesn’t just shine through his studies or the content he creates, but also his work. Over the years, he has moved from being an amateur athlete to creating his own sports industry business. His business focuses on empowering sports enthusiasts and people with special needs to become professional athletes and sports experts. His business inspires many, and has won several awards. 


Rayan believes that the EU lives up to its motto of “united in diversity.” He believes that “The solidarity between youth in European countries and the European neighborhood empowers young people to become decision-makers, reduce inequalities, and make a positive impact on all levels.” In Lebanon, with the economic crisis and increasing unemployment, Rayan believes that youth needs more opportunities, especially experience, to land their first job. “Youth also need to connect with each other and exchange more on issues that concern them.”, he said.

I fall down seven times and get up eight.

#InTheirEyes 2

On 7 May 2022 and during a LIVE session in the presence of 12 EU Goodwill Ambassadors from the Southern Neighbourhood, the EU Neighbours South Programme launched the 2nd edition of the #InTheirEyes, a competition aimed at digital influencers in eight countries of the Southern Neighbourhood: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia.