A training on low-cost adaptative reuse of bulldings organised by CARISMED in Tunis

January 4, 2024
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Collectif Créatif, The consolidation training successfully engaged eight SMEs and several young designers. The workshop, held by EU-funded CARISMED in Tunis Médina focused on applying the acquired knowledge on circular economy practices, LCARS, and sustainable economic models within the Social and Solidarity Economy.



In addition to enhancing knowledge, the training adopted a participative approach, fostering collaboration dynamics among participating SMEs and integrating young designers and design students from our association, the Creative Collective. During the workshop, a brainstorming session challenged SMEs to design the “Awareness Workshop.”



The result was a creative concept a regular expo-sale and awareness event advocating for repurposing old buildings. This initiative exemplifies the workshop’s success in not only imparting knowledge but also inspiring innovative strategies for sustainable urban development.

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Countries covered:

  • Tunisia