Commitment of the EU in Morocco to civil society: assessment of the roadmap and prospects for the period 2020-2023

February 10, 2020
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The European Union in Morocco and certain member states adopted in 2015 a strategic document entitled “European Union roadmap for engagement with civil society for the period 2015-2017” whose implementation has been extended to the year 2019. The objective of this roadmap was to strengthen coordination and the exchange of good practices between the European Union and its Member States through the various cooperation instruments and programs, and to improve the impact and the visibility of the European Union’s commitment to Moroccan civil society.

This roadmap is part of the European Union’s commitment to Moroccan civil society. From 2004 to 2019, the European Union in Morocco funded more than 150 projects with a total amount of around 70 million euros benefiting more than 400 civil society organizations.

This support has been accompanied, over the years, by an increased strengthening of the involvement of Civil Society Organizations in the identification, development, implementation and monitoring of programs developed in partnership with the government Moroccan.

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