CSFS to launch a national dialogue fellowship programme in Jordan

March 2, 2018
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The Civil Society Facility South intends to launch a national dialogue fellowship programme for Jordan, titled “Youth Participation in Democratic Processes and Governance” and subject of this call for applications.

Jordan is pursuing political reforms to promote greater democratic accountability, transparency, political pluralism, and strengthened civil society. These efforts are expected to enhance Jordan’s long-term prospects for stability and prosperity. But and despite the progress made so far, challenges remain to improve political participation of CSOs, the Youth and their right to be voiced and represented. Institutions responsible for good governance lack the capacity to fully respond to citizens’ needs. Citizen participation is limited, particularly among young people, especially women and persons with disabilities. Civil society organizations (CSOs) and the media still exercise weak political and social influence, further hampering citizen full participation.

On the other hand, many communities in Jordan contend with the effects of regional volatility and demographic changes, as well as transitions associated with domestic policy reform, deteriorating economic conditions, and the influx of Syrian refugees. These communities face increased strains on basic public services and infrastructure, as well as a rise in community tensions.

In response, to some of these different political developments and challenges, the CSF South aims to launch a Jordanian national dialogue fellowship programme composed of twenty CSOs and its youth leadership to increase their capacities and knowledge on effective participation in local democracy and decentralization processes in Jordan.

The Civil Society Facility South (CSF South) is an EU-funded regional programme launched in December 2012 with the aim of enhancing the effectiveness of EU cooperation with its Southern Mediterranean partners. It mainly aims at increasing the involvement of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and other non-state actors (NSAs) in sector policy dialogues at the level of partner countries by combining both national specificities and regional dynamics.


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