EBRD and EU support ice cream maker GIPA in Tunisia

February 8, 2018
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Ice cream maker GIPA is celebrating 40 years of successful business in Tunisia and its CEO Youssef Ghrib has further ambitions to grow the company well into the future.

With support from the EBRD’s Advice for Agribusiness programme, funded by the European Union, the company has modernised its business and is ready for new ventures.

Tunisia welcomes more than six million foreign tourists every year and, perhaps as a result, its ice cream industry is constantly evolving. Meanwhile, among locals, domestic ice cream makers have become so popular that world-renowned brands have taken a backseat.

As one of the oldest Tunisian producers, GIPA knows this very well. The company started ice cream production in 1978 and is proudly one of the most competitive companies on the Tunisian market.

Their ice cream brands Selja and Olà have been summer staples for generations and are some of the most beloved brands among Tunisians.

Thanks to EBRD and EU support, the company has geared up its operations for even greater success in the future.

This is good news for the local economy and for GIPA’s approximately 1000 employees. GIPA is an important source of employment for its suppliers and people working along the entire logistics chain too.

“We are sourcing most of our ingredients locally,” explained Youssef Ghrib, GIPA CEO. “For example, we buy milk from local producers in the region of Cap Bon and we cooperate with other local producers as well.”


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