EU Ambassador to Tunisia Patrice Bergamini: “The supreme audit institutions are, in a democracy, the linchpin of a sound public governance”

June 22, 2018
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At the annual conference of the Euro-Mediterranean supreme audit institutions, which was held in Tunis, EU Ambassador Patrice Bergamini addressed the Court of Auditors representatives of seven Arab countries and ten of their European counterparts to recall the long-term partnership that unites the European Union to each of the present institutions.

He reminded that the supreme audit institutions are, in a democracy the linchpin of a sound public governance as well as the guarantee of an efficient public spending, for the benefit of each citizen.

Mr Bergamini has also stressed the importance of the adoption of the organic law on the Court of Auditors, currently being debated in the Tunisian Assembly of the Representatives of the People. The purpose of this law is to make the Court of Auditors a constructive and independent driving force of proposals in the framework of the Tunisian public finance management system.


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