EU and Lebanon adopt partnership priorities and compact

November 15, 2016
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The EU and Lebanon today adopted the partnership priorities for the coming four years, as well as a compact. These priorities include: security and countering terrorism, governance and the rule of law, fostering growth and job opportunities, and migration and mobility.
The EU-Lebanon compact compact includes the mutual commitments through which the EU and Lebanon will fulfil the pledges they made at the London conference on supporting Syria and the region in February 2016. The objective is to improve the living conditions both of refugees temporarily staying in Lebanon and of vulnerable host communities.
It foresees an EU allocation of a minimum of EUR 400 million in 2016-2017, in addition to the bilateral assistance of more than EUR 80 million for those two years.  It outlines specific mutual commitments to address the impact of the Syrian crisis and aims to turn the situation into an opportunity to improve the socio-economic prospects, security, stability and resilience of the whole Lebanon. In turn Lebanon commits to ease the temporary stay of Syrian refugees, in particular regarding their residency status. The country currently hosts at least 1.1 million Syrians. It is the country hosting the highest number of displaced persons and refugees both per capita and per square kilometre.
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