EU-funded street theatre projects against discrimination take part in Sfax Capital of Arab Culture Festival 2016

September 6, 2016
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Despite organisational and mobility challenges, the ‘Caravan’ and the ‘Launch of a Street Theater Group of the Sinai Bedouin Minority’ street theatre projects, implemented under the EU-funded Drama, Diversity and Development (DDD) project, managed to take part in the Sfax Capital of Arab Culture festival 2016 in Tunisia.
Performing ‘The Caravan’ and ‘The Land of Turquoise’ shows in the festival aimed at spreading the message of the Drama, Diversity and Development project to the different segments of audiences attending the festival. The groups’ participation aimed also at encouraging the use of street theater as a tool to promote diversity and combat discrimination, as these performances shed the light on issues of discrimination and alienation faced by Syrian refugees living in Lebanon and the Sinai Bedouins in Egypt.
Mahmoud Sameh from Launch of a Street Theater Group of the Sinai Bedouin Minority project spoke to the Drama, Diversity and Development project in a recent interview about his experiences working with the project and his trip to Tunisia.
Drama, Diversity and Development is the first grant project in culture funded under the regional programme “Media and Culture for Development in the Southern Mediterranean Region Programme”. DDD then sub-grants to smaller projects, towards its aim of promoting diversity and challenging discrimination against minorities through theatre.
Media and culture for development in the Southern Mediterranean has been allocated a total budget of €17 million over a four-year period, of which €9 million is for the award of grants on a co-financing basis, and €8 million for one capacity-development mechanism on media (MedMedia) and one capacity development mechanism on culture (MedCulture). Specifically, the programme seeks to reinforce the role of media and culture as vectors for democratisation, and economic and social development for societies in the Southern Mediterranean. In the cultural field, it supports activities fostering cultural policy reform and reinforcing the capacity of cultural policy makers, as well as promoting investment and the development of cultural operators’ business capabilities. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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Countries covered:

  • Lebanon
  • Palestine *
  • Tunisia