EU-IOM Joint Initiative marks five years of supporting migrants and their communities across Africa

December 30, 2021
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In close partnership with state and non-state actors, the EU-IOM Joint Initiative provides assistance to returning migrants to help them restart their lives in their countries of origin through an integrated approach to reintegration that seeks to address returnees’ economic, social and psychosocial needs while at the same time including communities of return in the reintegration process. Close to 92,000 migrants received reintegration assistance to date.

Over the past five years, the EU-IOM Joint Initiative has made important progress in establishing target countries’ ownership and engagement. Close to 370 national and local authorities and non-state actors are involved in the provision of return and reintegration assistance to migrants across the three regions.

The Programme has worked with target countries to develop national Standard Operating Procedures for assisted voluntary return and reintegration adapted to needs and context, to ensure that all partners’ and stakeholders’ contributions are harnessed towards sustainable reintegration, and services and support provided to migrants follow similar standards in all countries.

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Countries covered:

  • Algeria
  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Palestine *
  • Syria *
  • Tunisia