EUBAM Libya’s Gender Strategy Strengthens Mission Effectiveness

April 12, 2022
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EUBAM Libya considers gender mainstreaming and the promotion of gender equality as central to the successful implementation of its mandate, and as key to strengthening the operational effectiveness of rule of law, justice and border management. The Mission has had a double-hatted Human Rights and Gender Adviser since February 2018.

Since 2018, the Mission has proactively taken many steps to integrate gender mainstreaming into both its internal and external work, and has produced many tangible outputs to support this. These include unit-specific gender action plans, which have until now guided the operational work of the three lines of operation as regards gender mainstreaming. Other outputs include internal unit-specific gender analyses, a gender focal points network, and dedicated projects with a focus on furthering gender equality and gender responsive policies within Libyan institutions.

EUBAM’s current mandate implementation is guided by the EUBAM Libya Gender Strategy 2021-2023, and its Action Plan. The Strategy centres on four key overarching priorities for the mission.

These are, to  improve the Mission’s internal capacities and procedures to strengthen gender equality and promotion thereof; to strengthen gender-responsive management by the Mission’s leadership, and enhance ability of Mission management to lead by example within, and outside of the Mission; to foster the emergence of an institutional culture across the border management, law enforcement and criminal justice sectors in Libya that promotes gender equality and supports gender responsive approaches to the rule of law; to promote the application of gender analysis and a gender-responsive approach across international coordination relevant to the border management, law enforcement and criminal justice sectors in Libya.

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