Euromed Police held workshop on online terrorist investigation

June 27, 2018
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Ten countries participated in the Euromed Police Action targeting terrorist investigation in the cyberspace last week in Kenitra, Morocco. Following the presentation of the Euromed Manual on Digital Evidence last April in Lisbon, the workshop has allowed experts from partner countries to share their experience concerning investigation techniques on the Internet and social media.

During three days, the programme touched upon all the aspects and steps of a terrorist investigation online: from open source intelligence methods, the work of undercover agents to the ways of processing the information collected. Other issues such as the types of information that can be collected from search engines and different social media, as well as judicial protocols for the admissibility of the information in court, were also discussed.

The experts exchanged about the challenges they face and the way to overcome them. Also, the event was the occasion to promote transborder cooperation. International cooperation is crucial in online investigations since information and potential evidences flow freely across borders.

The aim of the Euromed Police IV project is to increase citizens’ security across the Euro-Mediterranean area through the strengthening of cooperation on security issues between the Southern Mediterranean partner countries, as well as between these countries and the EU Member States. It builds on the achievements of the previous phases of the project. The project runs from 2016-2020 with a budget of €5 million. 


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Countries covered:

  • Morocco
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