EuroMeSCo ENI Project : last workshops of the project

December 2, 2019
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EuroMeSCo ENI Project organises, this week, the last workshops of the project which is reaching the end of its duration (2015-2019).

Entitled ” The Role of China in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Beyond Economic Interests”, the first workshop will be held on 3 of December in Warsow. The main aim of the workshop will be to discuss the present and potential future role of China in the MENA region. Some of the most important questions that will be addressed are: To what extent will China stick to a predominantly economically-driven engagement in the region? What security implications can its increasing presence in the MENA entail? What are the MENA countries’ strategies towards China? What can China’s further involvement mean for the balance of powers in the region? What are the consequences of China’s growing presence in the MENA for the EU?

The second workshop is entitled “Infrastructures and Power in the Middle East and North Africa”. It will be held on 4 of December in Rome. The workshop will examine the challenges for each type of infrastructure; the players involved (both from the regional and the global levels); the dynamics of power resulting from their interplay; instances of regional cooperation or conflict; and the implications for the EU and its responses, policies and diplomacy around these infrastructuresAnalysing regional dynamics through the lenses of infrastructure and power will allow to discuss the shifting position of the region in world affairs but also to assess how global dynamics impact the MENA region itself.

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