European funds support the National Liquid Sanitation Program in Morocco

May 22, 2018
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On Friday May 18th 2018 a grant agreement of more than 22 million dirhams (2 million euros) was signed in Morocco to support the National Liquid Sanitation Program. The funds come from a grant from the European Union.

This grant is intended to improve the legislative framework on certain aspects of sanitation such as the reuse of treated wastewater, the management of sewage sludge and the financial sustainability of the sanitation sector. It will also help to support Morocco in its commitments to preserve the environment, adapt to climate change and improve the quality of life and hygiene of the Moroccan population.

The European Union has been supporting Morocco’s sanitation program for more than ten years in order to improve the living conditions of Moroccans. The overall amount of this support reaches more than 100 million euros.


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