Lebanon: meet the 10 projects of the Green Entrepreneurship Programme selected for incubation

January 17, 2022
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SwitchMed Green Entrepreneurship Programme has reached another milestone in Lebanon with the selection of the 10 best sustainable projects for the incubation phase!

Implemented by SCP/RAC and, in Lebanon, by Fondation Diane along with its network of partners gathered as the EcoSwitch Coalition, the Green Entrepreneurship Programme has provided 60 Lebanese sustainable entrepreneurs at ideation stage with support and tools to develop their green business models.

Among them, 10 promising projects were selected for incubation :

SUPERFOODS!: aims at building a network of high-tech, sustainable farms that use cutting-edge technology to grow and supply healthy consumers and food businesses in Lebanon and the region with fresh, locally-grown, and responsibly-farmed certified organic superfoods.
CIRCL: aims at giving plastic waste new life as locally produced, affordable, functional and high-quality recycled and recyclable crates. They thrive to strengthen community engagement driving the shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle.
Organy Clean: aims at providing sustainable, affordable, eco-friendly and innovative cleaning products by the utilization of beneficial agricultural materials through up cycling into valuable hygiene products.
Sharing Municipalities: is an initiative that provides a holistic approach to solid waste management based on circular economy and sharing principles. The idea is to create a value chain for waste, in collaboration with different beneficiaries at the municipal level.
Biofertile: aims at providing scalable biogas solutions in rural and urban areas while supporting farmers to increase their crops productivity by providing them with a high quality solid and liquid fertilizers to be used as a substitute of the chemical fertilizers.
Pads4all: is an initiative that aims to decrease the price of production and in return, decrease the market price of the newly designed tampon and menstrual pads.
Cobbler & Co: promotes sustainable fashion consumption by providing high quality shoes and bags revival and repair services. They contribute to saving the planet and mitigating pollution by refurbishing worn shoes and repurposing them for donation or disassembling them as recyclable material.
Eco Match: is a service utilizing a customer-supplier database of materials to create matches between the inputs and outputs of manufacturers of diverse industries.
ReFuse: is a social enterprise that runs recyclables collection points, sells recyclables to industries and shares the value with those who contributed with their sorted materials. Don’t call it waste, make it valuable.
SolaRAY: provides a Portable Generator Electricity charged from the sun with zero noise, zero bills, and zero pollution used indoor and outdoor. It aims at empowering people to live in a sustainable environment, with convenient green portable electricity in Lebanon.

As part of the Start-ups and Entrepreneurs area of the SwitchMed initiative, the Green Entrepreneurship programme aims at providing a full range of activities and tools to support green entrepreneurs throughout the southern Mediterranean region.

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