Med Culture presented to members of European Parliament

June 17, 2016
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The team of the EU-funded programme Med Culture held meetings with different members of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, on 7 and 8 June 2016 to present MEPs with the project’s scope of work and actions in the Southern Mediterranean countries, more specifically in Tunisia, and advocate for the need to sustain such EU-funded programmes that play an important role in enhancing the development of the culture sector in these countries.

Over the past 2.5 years of its implementation period, Med Culture was able to involve the different actors across the region in both the concept and practice of policy-making, which was a real breakthrough in terms of providing the conditions for nurturing democratic processes, good governance, and enhancing partnership between civil society actors and respective line ministries across the region.
Med Culture is an EU-funded regional programme with the aim of sustaining the creation of institutional and social environments propitious to culture as a vector for freedom of expression and sustainable development. This should be accomplished by reinforcing the capacities of the public and private cultural sectors as vectors for democratisation, and economic and social development for societies in the Southern Mediterranean.
Med Culture is part of the regional programme “Media and culture for development in the Southern Mediterranean” which has been allocated a total budget of €17 million over a four-year period, of which €9 million is for the award of grants on a co-financing basis, and €8 million for one capacity-development mechanism on media (Med Media) and one capacity development mechanism on culture (Med Culture). (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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