Mediterranean transport: EUMedRail Steering Committee discusses project plan for 2021

December 7, 2020
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The Executive Director of the European Rail Agency (ERA), Dr. Doppelbauer, in his welcome speech, stressed the important commitment of supporting railway safety and interoperability in the EUMedRail countries, the new role of the Agency as a rail authority in the EU and a Safety Management System based on risks, rules and behaviour.

The project officer, Mr. Ilyas Daoud, revised the actions undertaken in 2020, which due to the covid-19 pandemic and mobility restrictions had a mix format of physical and virtual meetings.

The EUMedRail partners presented the latest initiatives implemented in the field of railways and explained the measures and protocol implemented to adapt the sector to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Activities envisaged for the years 2021-2022 were presented by the project manager Mr. Peter Mihm. These activities include webinars, bilateral meetings, seminars and as far as possible traineeships at ERA.

The work plan for 2021 and 2022 considers actions in the field of Safety Management System through the promotion of safety operations and maintenance, institution capacity building, promotion of international railway transport and technical interoperability, involvement of the EUMedRail partners in the events organised by ERA and tailored assistance agreed with the countries.

The purpose of Euromed Transport Rail Project (EUMedRail) is to improve the operations and the efficiency of the Mediterranean transport system by concentrating its efforts on regulatory reforms, training, and dialogue with the decision makers. The main project’s objective is to support the implementation of the Regional Transport Action Plan 2014-2020 actions related to rail transport, by promoting convergence with EU and international standards, facilitating interoperability, and increasing beneficiaries’ participation in the activities of the European Rail Agency.


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