MEDWAYCAP: Revolutionising the approach to Non-Conventional Water through the Jordan Innovation Camp

June 5, 2023
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A second remarkable Innovation Camp (IC) on Non-Conventional Water Resources (NCWR) took place in Amman, Jordan. The event exuded an atmosphere of boundless enthusiasm and genuine appreciation, effectively showcasing the transformative potential of collaboration, creativity, and forward-thinking in tackling water issues.


Likely the first IC in Tunis, the Jordan one was meticulously designed to foster collaborative ingenuity among some 50 participants. Bringing together experts in the water sector, researchers, entrepreneurs and young minds from diverse backgrounds and countries, the camp served as a melting pot of ideas and a platform for interdisciplinary exchange.


The National Agricultural Research Center – NARC (Jordan), in collaboration with the International Center for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies – Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari – CIHEAM Bari (Italy) and with the support of the Euromediterranean Center for Sustainable Development – SVI.MED (Italy), as partners of MEDWAYCAP, along with the guiding support of the FUTOUR team, aimed to create an environment where participants could tap into their collective knowledge and come up with breakthrough concepts to address the three challenges tailored for the occasion.


Particularly, in this camp, the challenges were about technology and innovation for non-conventional water resources – mainstreaming policies to enable upscaling within the market-orientation paradigm; financing and investment for non-conventional water resources- instruments for a circular economy framework; and towards a Mediterranean capitalisation alliance – the pathway for a long-term capitalization strategy at Mediterranean level, the only one that continued to debate about the prototypes reached during the previous camp in Tunisia.

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Countries covered:

  • Jordan