YEP MED bridges gaps between the Damietta port community and training institutes

May 17, 2023
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On the 15th of May 2023, the Damietta Port Authority (DPA) has signed three new institutional agreements between the authority, its Port Training Institute (PTI) and three companies working in freight forwarding, customs clearance and export operations.


These agreements cemented the collaboration between the actors that was born out of the activities launched by YEP MED, a European project that aims to bring blue skills to port communities around the Mediterranean through innovative training courses aimed at NEETs ((Not in Employment, Education or Training), young people, and women.


The companies that signed on to the cooperative agreements were El-Omar Company for Export, Transport by Car and Sea Freight, El-Kamel Company for Customs Clearance, and for Export. The agreements were signed by Admiral/ Ahmed Hawash, DPA Chairman and Professor Alaa Morsy, PTI Dean on behalf of YEP MED, and legal representatives of the three companies. The ceremony took place in the premises of the port authority.


As a first step, starting next week, the three companies will receive a new group of graduates who successfully completed the YEP MED vocational or occupational training courses in international trade operations, and offer them internships under contracts for practical training. The companies join other companies that have previously signed on to collaborate with the YEP MED project partners in the training of young people. The idea behind the internships is to complement the training previously received, and therewith maximize the opportunities of young students to find real jobs in the near future.

Countries covered:

  • Egypt