Reporting on Migration, Workshop for Journalists from Tunisia

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On 17-19 September 2018 , the EU-funded OPEN Media Hub and EuroMed Migration 4 projects are organising a 3-day production-led training seminar on Reporting on Migration issues for broadcast, print and online journalists from Tunisia. The course will propose directly implementable reporting tools aimed at improving the skills of journalists and managers reporting on migration. The main objective is to reinforce knowledge and skills of journalists in Tunisia in order to balance their stories and impact on the public perception of migration.

Candidates are requested to submit a pitch for the story they intend to finalise during the sessions. The stories will be broadcast/published on the outlets and made available on the OPEN Media Hub’s platform and website, for exchange between participants locally and internationally. Furthermore, selected candidates will be requested to get acquainted with the Migration and Media: A Journalist’s Handbook.  During the training, participating crews are asked to provide their own filming and editing gear.

Supported by cameraman/editor David Hands, trainer will be Magda Abu-Fadil, director of Media Unlimited, former foreign correspondentwith Agence France-Presse and United Press International, Asharq Al-Awsat and Al Riyadh, former head of the Journalism Training Program at the American University of Beirut. Abu-Fadil taught at American University in Washington, and worked a Washington correspondent for Defense News, Events magazine, The Middle East magazine. Abu-Fadil served as director of the Institute for Professional Journalists at the Lebanese American University. She authored both the Migration and Media: A Journalist’s Handbook and related OMH Online Course.

The seminar will start with short presentations from a Tunisian government representative on government policies,  Prof. Abdellatif Bensfia, deputy director of ISIC, Morocco; a representative of the EU Delegation to Tunisia and by the authors of the Ethical Journalism Network- ICMPD guidelines on reporting human trafficking.

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