Opinion Poll 2022 – Algeria (factsheet)

May 12, 2023
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Fact Sheet Algeria

The image of the EU has slightly eroded (- 5 ppt since 2021) although there is an improved knowledge of the EU.

The data suggests an overall increased general level of knowledge of the EU amongst most of the Algerian population.

There has been an increase in the proportion of respondents who believe they know what the EU is all about which has increased to 75% from 70% in the survey conducted in 2021. 13% of Algerian respondents say that they do not know about the EU – 6 ppt from 2021.

Younger respondents, non-manual workers and those with the highest level of education or still studying are most likely to feel knowledgeable about the EU.

The relatively high level of subjective knowledge is confirmed by the level of correct answers to factual questions about the EU. Indeed, almost nine in ten respondents answered at least one of the questions correctly with an average of 2.8 correct answers out of a possible six.

There has been a slight decrease in the proportion of Algerian respondents who have a positive image of the EU – 55% compared to 57% in 2021.

The proportion expressing a negative sentiment has increased to 10% (5% in the previous survey).

This positive image was related to the EU’s democratic values (mentioned by 47%). Those who express a negative image were most likely to mention a lack of support from the EU to Algerian people (16%).

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