Opinion Poll 2022 – Lebanon (factsheet)

May 12, 2023
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Fact Sheet Lebanon

In Lebanon, there is a relatively high level of self-stated knowledge of the EU, except in rural areas.

The EU seems to have recovered from 2021 with an enhanced image, the institution being mostly recognised as an important trade partner for Lebanon and for its democratic values.

The data suggests an increased general level of knowledge amongst most of the Lebanese population, + 3 ppt since 2021 for the ones who believe they know what the EU is all about (64%) and – 2 ppt for the one they don’t (35%).

Women, younger respondents, and those with the highest level of education or still studying are most likely to feel knowledgeable about the EU. At the opposite, respondents living in rural area unanimously denied any knowledge on the EU (99%).

Almost all respondents (97%) answered at least one factual question about the EU correctly with an average of 2.7 correct answers out of a possible six.

The image of the EU has been considerably enhanced in 2022 with 65% holding a positive image (+12 ppt since 2021), only 3% having a negative one. The proportion having a neutral image is still significative but has reduced since last year (30%, – 9 ppt).

This positive image was related to the EU as an important trade partner for Lebanon and its democratic values (both mentioned by 26%). High social standards in the EU were also mentioned by 24%.

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