EYY2022 (EndOfYearWeek)

From December 19 to 23, EU Neighbours South looked back at the major 2022 youth focused events, campaigns and activities initiated by the programme to mark the European Year of the Youth #EYY2022.

Throughout the year, EU Neighbours South worked closely with young individuals from the Southern Neighbourhood to help highlight and share EU-funded opportunities for the youth, tackle challenges faced by their generation, and empower them to better understand and embrace their role in shaping the future of their countries and the region.

EU Neighbours South celebrates the new year with a 2022 wrap-up video

The EU Neighbours South project celebrated the new year by sharing a wrap-up video of the best moments of 2022. Most of these moments were marked by events celebrating or revolving around the European Year of Youth – including the #InTheirEyes competition, EU Jeel Connect events, #EyesOnBlue many other memorable activities that have been implemented to support young audiences in the region.