Running from one task to another, Sireen Nijeem is always on the move. Between her visits to artisans in the camps surrounding Bethlehem and her home-based workshop, the social entrepreneur never stops.

Mandil Nadia

“To be honest with you: I am really against fast fashion but I also don’t want to dress like an old woman!” Sireen explains with laughter when asked how she came up with the idea behind Mandil Nadia.

A social entreprise based in the heart of Palestine, Mandil Nadia is revisiting the traditional Mandil, a piece of great cultural significance for Palestinian women. “Traditionally hand-embroidered, it was used as a way to tell each woman’s unique story, reflecting her religion, her age, and special life occasions,” Sireen explains.

Having inherited from her grandmother’s handmade pieces, she decided to revive this beautiful tradition, while empowering other women in the process. “I didn’t want Mandil Nadia to be just another brand. I wanted it to be a symbol of Palestine’s authentic and timeless beauty.”

Sireen collaborates with local artisans from various camps, providing them with her designs to craft unique pieces. Her creations, including the Mandil and traditional abaya, quickly gained appreciation across Palestine.

“I now have a team of ten women crafting these pieces and I hope to grow the team even more,” she explains, stressing the importance of providing women in Palestine with a meaningful and dignified means of livelihood. She also uses her entreprise’s success to collaborate with Shadi W ANA, an organisation that supports children in orphanages in the West Bank.

Sireen now has plans to move to mass production, including through a line of shirts embroidered with Palestinian poetry. “I want to share the story of Mandil Nadia and a small piece of Palestine with the entire world!”

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