EU project MED-QUAD in Jordan continues collaborations for enhanced water management

August 2, 2023
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A momentous meeting brought together key representatives from Al Durra International for Food Products Co. and the AL-Balqa Applied University (BAU), the MED-QUAD partner from Jordan. The meeting was organized with the primary objective of facilitating discussions and exploring potential collaboration opportunities between the two entities. Additionally, they planned on implementing advanced Smart Water Use Applications (SWUAP) lab equipment to guarantee the highest standards of quality and safety for industrial water. This equipment can play a crucial role in improving food quality as well.


Al Durra is a family-owned manufacturing business spanning four generations. It delivers high-quality, delicious, and healthy foods. Leading the representation for the Med-Quad project team, Prof. Rebhi Damseh provided a concise overview of the project.


Both parties discussed a critical issue plaguing the production process of Food Products, which is the generation of salty water as a by-product. This included a detailed analysis of implementing SWUAP Living Lab equipment to maintain the highest standards of quality and safety for Industrial Water used in the production process.


The meeting ended on an optimistic tone, with all participants eagerly anticipating the potential fruitful results that this partnership could yield. Al Durra International for food products Co. and the MED-Quad project partners are confident that by synergizing their expertise and resources, they can make significant strides in tackling crucial challenges and promoting innovation in the field of Industrial Water Treatment.

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