Institutional Twinning Morocco European Union: Support to Justice Reform in Morocco

May 3, 2019
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As part of the implementation of the « Réussir le Statut Avancé » Programme, the Supreme Council of the Judiciary of the Kingdom of Morocco, hosted on 2 May, the launch ceremony of the Morocco – European Union institutional twinning project: «Appui au Conseil Supérieur du Pouvoir Judiciaire au Maroc», in the presence of Mr Mohammed Benchaaboune, Minister of Economy and Finance, Her Excellency Mrs Claudia WIEDEY, Ambassador of the European Union in Morocco.

This twinning, which is also part of the European Union’s support for judicial reform, takes the form of cooperation between the High Council of the Judiciary of Morocco and the Belgian High Council of Justice.

This institutional twinning is planned for a period of 24 months and is financed by the European Union to the tune of 9,700,000 dirhams (900,000 euros) and is managed with the support of the Treasury and External Finance Department – Support Unit for the Successful Advanced Status Programme – under the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

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