MEDREG meets Ministers and Energy Regulatory Authorities of Israel and Palestine to strengthen regional cooperation in electricity and gas markets

November 17, 2017
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In an official visit to Israel and Palestine on 15 and 16 November, the President and General Coordinator of the Mediterranean Energy Regulators (MEDREG), Mr Alexandre Santos and Mr Fabio Tambone, reaffirmed MEDREG’s support to its Southern shore Members. They met with Dr. Yuval Steinz, Israel’s Energy Minister, and with His Excellency Eng. Zafer Melhem, Chairman of the Palestinian Energy Authority, to define and agree on concrete ways of supporting the two countries’ energy market and regulatory reforms. 

On 15 November, Mr Santos and Mr Tambone met with the Chairman of the Electricity Authority (PUA), Dr. Assaf Eilat, and the Director General of the Natural Gas Authority Mr Alexander Varshavsky. They discussed ways for the two Authorities to benefit from MEDREG’s experience on electricity and gas markets, infrastructure investments and consumer empowerment issues which may be beneficial to them. More specifically, in the context of and to accompany Israel’s ongoing energy market reform, MEDREG is already supporting PUA, in applying for a TAIEX workshop looking into specific market opening processes in the Mediterranean region, both in European Union countries and in the Eastern shore. Study visits of the Israeli Natural Gas Authority (NGA) to EU and non-EU regulators are also planned early next year to share national experiences on domestic households’ consumer’s connection procedures.

MEDREG, which benefits from the European Union’s financial support, brings together 25 regulators from 21 countries, spanning the European Union (EU), the Balkans and North Africa. Mediterranean regulators work together to promote greater harmonization of the regional energy markets and legislations, seeking progressive market integration in the Euro-Mediterranean basin. Through constant cooperation and information exchange among members, MEDREG aims at fostering consumer rights, energy efficiency, infrastructure investment and development, based on secure, safe, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable energy systems.

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