Palestine paves way for ETF Graduate Tracer Studies

May 4, 2016
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Tracer studies of vocational education and training graduates will be soon launched in Palestine to better understand if, how, and where graduates are using their skills. The initiative is part of the EU-funded Governance for Employability in the Mediterranean (GEMM) initiative, implemented by the European Training Foundation (ETF).
The tracer study is one of nine pilot projects set up by ETF partner countries participating in GEMM. They focus on skills development, enhancing youth and women’s employability and improving quality assurance in VET.
GEMM focuses on two key issues, the financing of VET and quality assurance. The project includes subnational (local) pilot project selected by the countries, mapping of governance structures and capacity building on the national level, and exchange of experience among countries on the regional level.
The European Training Foundation is an agency of the European Union established to contribute to the development of the education and training systems of the EU partner countries. With an annual budget of €18 million, its mission is to help transition and developing countries to harness the potential of their human capital through the reform of education, training and labour market systems in the context of the EU’s external relations policy. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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Countries covered:

  • Palestine *