Socio-Urban Circularity and Community Awareness in Hebron, Palestine under the INNOMED-UP Project

January 26, 2022
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INNOMED-UP Project Partner Birzeit University (BZU) has implemented various activities within the project phase in Hebron city. A Training Workshop was delivered in Hebron with a total of 60 training hours in 10 days for Cultural Creative Industries SMEs on topics covering innovation management and prototyping, innovation and circular design, design and photography, marketing, recycling and other topics.

17 Cultural Creative Industries SMEs attended face to face the training workshops in the period June 8th – July 13th. More than 10 new innovative Cultural Creative Industries and Circular Economy products were proposed so far. And before that, preliminary training was carried out for some SMEs in computer skills at a rate of 6 meetings.

Coincidentally, BZU has held many meetings with stakeholders to develop future visions of cooperation and to determine a public urban space to apply innovative ideas and works on it in order to improve and promote the Cultural Creative Industries by SMEs and Architecture students.

On the other hand, the Socio-Urban Circularity activities has been initiated, firstly by selecting the public urban space (Badran Plaza) in coordination with the Palestine Polytechnic University in Hebron. Then the BZU team organized a field visit and held a workshop in Hebron Old Town for SMEs owners and Architecture Students from Birzeit university (4 students) and Palestine Polytechnic University (2 students). 

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