Programme Officer – Economic Cooperation, EU Delegation to Egypt

Opportunity type : Job Opportunities
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To contribute, under the supervision of the Team Leader for Economic Cooperation and Inclusive Growth, to the conception, elaboration and implementation of development cooperation strategies and programmes in the different areas covered by the team particularly in the area of economic and financial cooperation (economic governance – PFM and financial regulatory framework; trade and investment facilitation). The portfolio may evolve according to EU priorities in Egypt and to Delegation’s internal organization.

Functions and duties


• Contribute to sector analysis, strategy formulation and programming in all areas of concern, including in particular: Macroeconomic Analysis, Public Finance Management and Fiscal policy, Economic Governance, SME Finance, Banking and Financial Issues, Support to private sector development, economic cooperation, digital and AI solutions, etc.

• Contribute to analysis backing possible budget support (e.g; RMF+, file note, etc.).

• Contribute to the policy dialogue with all relevant ministries, agencies, donors and other relevant stakeholders in all areas of concern.

• Contribute to sector analysis in the relevant fields and to the definition of a sector strategy for the European Union.

• Contribute to reports on relevant sector policy issues and in particular on PFM and Macroeconomic assessment.


• Observe, monitor and report regularly and in a timely fashion (including early warnings on potential disputes) on sectoral issues, as well as in response to any specific requests.

• Assist the Team Leader or the Head of Cooperation in horizontal tasks, e.g. reporting exercises, quality control, in backing up colleagues, etc.


• Contribute to the programming, identification and appraisal of projects and programs in close cooperation with the beneficiary institutions in Egypt.

• Mobilise EFSD+ when the operations are relevant (blending and guarantees).

• Contribute to the preparation of Commission’s Decisions and to the negotiation of Financing Agreements, and contracts with the beneficiaries and implementing partners.

• Contribute to all aspects of the procurement process (drafting Terms of Reference, launching tenders, call for proposals, selection of projects, evaluations, etc.).

• Monitor the implementation of ongoing projects, attend management and monitoring meetings, elaborate progress reports on projects and propose action, if and when needed.

• Ensure the follow-up of the implementation of projects and the performance of project managers and partners, monitor contractual obligations (via periodic reviews, audits, reporting and assistance, etc.) and gather and handle external expertise.


• Contribute to project monitoring and audits.

• Give an “operational visa” on documents where required.

• Proceed with ROM and evaluations.

• Monitor the correct use of relevant IT systems such as OPSYS, CRIS, SUMMA etc, and consequently attend appropriate trainings.


• Maintain good and effective contacts with the local stakeholders, with the national authorities and institutions, with representatives of the diplomatic missions of the Member States, with representatives of the principal international donors, agencies and financial institutions, private sector representatives (e.g. business associations, chambers, cooperatives, etc.), with NGOs and other local non-official actors.

• Coordinate with major donors in the respective sectors and contribute/participate to relevant donor working groups.

• Prepare and assist in missions from Headquarters.


• Produce and disseminate the results of projects at workshops, seminars, conferences and other public events.

• Extract and disseminate best practices and facilitate exchange of experiences.

• Contribute to the production of publications.

• Participate for the Cooperation Section at external events under the jobholder’s domain, and exceptionally under other domains, when required.


• Correctly apply the Commission’s document management rules to the documents for which the official/agent is responsible, following the instructions of Headquarters and with the help of the DMO correspondent. Ensure in particular the correct registration, filing and archiving of these documents.

• Create, process and file documents in ARES, including in using Areslook for relevant mails to be registered.

Countries covered:

  • Egypt