Applications open for NEX-LABS coaching programme for entrepreneurs

September 14, 2021
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The NEX-LABS project has issued a call for applications to select 20 researchers and innovators who are developing solutions that address the Water Energy and Food (WEF) – NEXUS challenges in the Mediterranean region.

The 20 talented participants will take part in the NEXUS entrepreneurship coaching programme starting from the 25th October. This capacity building program aims at empowering young researchers and innovators who are working on NEXUS related technologies with the needed knowledge and tools to turn their projects into startups.

This coaching programme will cover five stages of the business development culture, from the mobilization to the continuous management of the business model, through the comprehension, design and application.

Applications are open till 15 October 2021.

The NEX-LABS project aims to support implementation of clean technologies for sustainable and resilient increase of agri-food sector production based on a more efficient use of energy (renewable/solar solutions) and water (wastewater treatment, water harvesting or reuse solutions) in the Mediterranean region thanks to the contributions of ICT. It includes a partnership of 11 institutions from 7 different countries (Spain, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, Italy, Egypt and Cyprus).

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Countries covered:

  • Egypt
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Tunisia