EU assists Palestinians in operational planning for prisons

April 20, 2018
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The European Union has funded the construction of two new correctional facilities in Palestine. However, before the new Correction and Rehabilitation Centres in Nablus and Jenin can be activated, they must each have an Operational Plan ensuring full operational compliance with internationally accepted standards.

In accordance with the holistic approach applied by EUPOL COPPS in its support to the Palestinian Correction and Rehabilitation Centre Department and in preparation of the activation of the new correctional facilities, the Mission recently facilitated a workshop to assist the development of a robust Operational Plan for the facility in Nablus.

An Operational Plan comprises all areas of prison operations, e.g. security, prisoners’ activities, rehabilitation programs, logistical schedules etc., and it forms a foundation for prison staff on how to carry out their tasks.

16 Officers attended the workshop, in which the Mission handed over a structure and model for an Operational Plan to the Correction and Rehabilitation Centre Department. The participants constitute the working group responsible for drafting the Operational Plan.

The workshop was a start-up and will be followed by regular meetings and practical work sessions during 2018.


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