EU supports sustainable rural development of Southern Algerian oases

April 10, 2018
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The EU-funded project “Support to local actors for the sustainable local development of the Southern Algerian oases” was launched last month in Beni Isguen, Algeria, in the framework of the PAP ENPARD Algeria programme (Pilot action programme for the rural development and agriculture, Algeria).

The objective of the project is to promote the sustainable rural development of the Southern Algerian oases through the building capacities of the actors of the oasis civil society and their networking, as well as the support to the development of agricultural production sectors in view of contributing to the economic development of these regions. This project falls also within the framework of RADDO, the network for the sustainable development of the oasis ecosystems.

The project is carried out by CARI, an international solidarity association which has intervened since 1998 among the rural populations of the Sahara region, in partnership with its Algerian partnership APEB (Association for the protection of the environment of Beni Isguen) and the association El Argoub in Laghouat, together with the University of Ouargla and the asscoaition for the safeguard of the heritage of Guerrara.

During the first two launching days, the project actors worked on the implementation of the action plan, a more precise identification of the beneficiaries and the actions planning. The activities to be developed in the framework of this project are activities of training, experience exchanges, national and international study trips, advocacy for the development of an oasis strategy in Algeria, financial support for the implementation of economic micro-projects.

The third day was the occasion to share this project with the local authorities and the population of Beni Isguen.


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