Lebanese cities setting up the SEACAP Support Mechanism

July 6, 2023
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The Clima-Med project held a workshop in Beirut on “Developing the SEACAP Support Mechanism (SSM) in Lebanon”, gathering representatives from the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities, the Ministry of Environment, mayors and presidents of local authorities and unions of municipalities, NGOs, as well as and from the Lebanese University.


The workshop aimed at:

  • Exploring the SSM’s crucial role to support cities’ initiatives when facing Climate Change challenges; and the best ways to provide necessary resources, expertise, and coordination to enable the implementation of such initiatives.
  • Fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration potentials among participants, who represent key actors by sharing experiences, insights, and best practices, learning from each other’s and reciprocating successful endeavours and best practices to guide future actions and partnerships.
  • Agreeing on a Road Map to institutionalise an operational and effective SSM within the various municipal and governmental entities.


After an enriching day, the workshop met its objectives, and participants agreed to the framework, function, and governance set-up of the SSM as a stand-alone entity that the municipalities will lead; Its progress will be monitored and evaluated by the National Authorities, whose role will be regulatory.

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Countries covered:

  • Lebanon