Lebanon: installation of the MAIA-TAQA wastewater treatment plant is progressing

October 5, 2021
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In order to finalize the process for the selection of the SME that will be responsible for the installation of the pilot waste water treatment plant at the Industrial Research Institute (IRI), MAIA-TAQA Team members at the Euro-Lebanese Centre For Industrial Modernsation (ECLIM) are conducting technical and financial meetings with the qualified companies.

On 29 September, representatives from Aquatreat Trading and from ELCIM-IRI discussed the details of the proposal submitted by Aquatreat for the execution of the small scale pilot waste water treatment plant (WWTP), the solar PV system to power the WWTP, and the irrigation system that will use the treated waste water to irrigate the green area surrounding the IRI building.

The meeting was followed by a site inspection of the potential location of the WWTP, and a visit to the existing solar PV system components (roof and windows panels, and the inverters).

The MAIA-TAQA project gathers 8 partners from 6 countries, namely Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Spain, and aims at promoting innovative resource efficiency services in the Mediterranean SMEs through the enhancement of their technical and management capacities.

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