Hackathon Deraya Libya, EU supported initiative

Opportunity type : Competitions
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Hackathons are competitions aimed at bringing together passionate individuals in a short period of time and with intense effort to find solutions to specific problems. They provide an excellent opportunity for learning and immediate application of learned skills in the field of entrepreneurship.

Participants will gather to benefit from the experiences of successful entrepreneurs and engage in online workshops to share their ideas and build relationships with designers, developers, and marketers. Finally, they will participate in a challenge to present an innovative and complete project plan.

Who can apply for Hackathons? Each team, consisting of 4 members, can participate in the online challenge. Teams can be composed of:

  • Individuals interested in programming and technology.
  • Freelancers, designers, or those passionate about design.
  • Students and graduates from business and management colleges.
  • Entrepreneurs residing in Libya with innovative ideas to address challenges.
  • Female students, young women, current and future female entrepreneurs are welcome to participate on an equal basis.

Countries covered:

  • Libya