Project Officer / Human Rights, Governance & Civil Society Section, EU Delegation to Egypt

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The Delegation of the European Union based in Cairo follows all the components of the partnership between the EU and Egypt, in close coordination with the embassies of EU member states. The Delegation also has functions directly linked to the competences of the European Union, in particular the monitoring of trade relations between the EU and Egypt. The Delegation also manages cooperation between the EU and Egypt, with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Development, Investment and International Cooperation and sectoral Ministries.

Job definition

Support the Head of Section to:

  • Implement a number of projects and cooperation programs in the field of migrant and refugee protection.
  • Follow up with Implementing Partners and liaise with programme managers on the implementation of the overall visibility aspects of the EU Trust Fund for Africa (EUTF). Prepare and follow up on Migration Roundtables meetings.
  • Follow up on overall reporting and communication needs on the EU Trust Fund for Africa projects for Egypt.

Functions and duties:

1. Project and programme management

1.1. Contribute to coordinating and supervising the implementation of European Union support in areas of competence;

1.2. Contribute to regular sector reporting in areas of competence;

1.3. Ensure the consistency of support provided for the protection of migrants and other projects and programs financed by the European Union in the field of migration;

1.4. Contribute to defining actions that would link migration with cultural related actions.

2. Sector dialogue and monitoring

2.1. Contribute to the supervision of academic roundtables on migration and vulnerable migrations;

2.2. Follow up on International Organisations inter agencies meetings on vulnerable migrants;

2.3. Participate in committees / bodies for monitoring and steering programs / projects in areas of competence and report as requested by the Head of Sector;

2.4. Contribute to leading and providing the secretariat for a strategic coordination group and migration roundtables;

2.5. Ensure the thematic and statistical watch in the fields of competence and more generally on the migratory phenomena between Egypt and the European Union.

3. Communication

3.1. To assist with increasing the visibility of EUTF Africa and bilateral/thematic/regional projects and programmes in coordination with the EU Delegations’ Communication Officer and in concertation with the Contract Agent in charge of the migration file.

3.2. In line with the EU communication strategy, to ensure that all EUTF and bilateral, thematic and regional projects and programmes implemented in Egypt have agreed communication plans based on EU visibility guidelines and to monitor their implementation.

3.3. To disseminate best practice and facilitate the exchange of experiences.

3.4. Prepare contribution projects for the messages to be disseminated (speeches, press releases, success stories, posts);

Countries covered:

  • Egypt