The EIB: One year into the COVID-19 pandemic

May 14, 2021
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Celebrating Europe Day in 2021 is an opportunity to reflect on history and present challenges. As the world struggles with COVID-19, Europe is both heavily affected by the pandemic and at the forefront of combating it. The European Investment Bank has been working on many fronts during the pandemic.

  • The Bank has supported the health sector and vaccine research and has financed BioNTech, one of the vaccine makers.
  • It has joined the EU-backed Team Europe effort to tackle the pandemic in the European Union’s neighbouring countries and in fragile states around the world.
  • Together with the European Investment Fund the EIB has given support to hard-hit SMEs.
  • Now the Bank is investing in a green and inclusive recovery in Europe and in developing countries.
The EIB: One year into the COVID-19 pandemic